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The AGROFERT Group is a group of more than 250 companies from a wide range of different industries such as agriculture, food processing industry, chemical industry, civil engineering, renewable energy, forestry, mining and wood processing. To find a particular company, please use filters and/or searching tool (above in right corner).


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ZOD Zálabí, a.s.

Na Františku 358, 280 02 Ovčáry,
Czech Republic
Email address: 
Phone: 321737130
Site:  www.zodzalabi.cz

ZZN Pelhřimov a. s.

Nádražní 805, 39301 Pelhřimov,
Czech Republic
Email address: post@zznpe.cz
Phone: +420565323533
Site:  www.zznpe.cz

ZZN Polabí, a.s.

K Vinici 1304, 28002 Kolín V,
Czech Republic
Email address: info@zznpolabi.cz
Phone: +420321770111
Site:  www.zznpolabi.cz