Code of Ethics

Since 2011 is Code of Ethics the basic standard of Compliance Program at AGROFERT Group. This document defines the rules of ethical behavior in the Group and a set of arrangements with internal standards, which together ensure ethical standards of enterprise at AGROFERT Group.

Code of Ethics sets behavior and attitude of Group´s employees, especially in these areas:

- ethical behavior and corporate culture (behavior respecting the legislation, respect to each other, honesty and integrity, responsibility and control of managers, etc.),

- relationship to business partners and third parties (right to competition, antitrust law, business meetings, procurement and negotiation of business relations, gifts and donations),

- prevention of conflict of interest (employee participation in companies, by-line jobs, etc.),

- dealing with information (secrecy commitment, etc.).

Anonymous ethical line Tell Us

Every employee at AGROFERT Group as well as business or non-business partners may raise a complaint or refer to circumstances from which it may be inferred, that there has been a breach of ethical rules of AGROFERT Group. One of the tools is anonymous ethical line Tell Us, to which everyone can communicate possible knowledge or suspicion of unethical behavior within the Group.

Each incitement referred to ethical line Tell Us is investigated in detail and, if necessary, corrective proceedings are admitted. All the data and documents related to the investigation are of course confidential.