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The company LONDA is running and broadcasting Radio Impuls, for years the most listened-to radio in the Czech Republic, and RockZone 105.9 radio station and a bonus radio station called Czech Impuls.

Team of the Radio Impuls believes that an optimistic view of the world can deliver positive results and makes better mood of the entire society. That´s why our team wants to spread enthusiasm for life to all Czechs and teach them to have optimistic attitude. You can hear our radio station almost anywhere. Nearly two million listeners across the country tunes weekly our radio station. Radio Impuls statements are communicated in a clear, contemporary and eye-catching (or better ear-catching) style. Moderators are friendly, reliable and able to reach out carefully and comprehensively your audience. We pay attention to our listeners needs. The aim of the broadcast of Radio Impuls is to inform and entertain intelligently and in a convenient way. Thanks to this, Radio Impuls is a pleasant and interactive radio.

The radio station RockZone 105.9 believes that everybody is a rocker - at least part of her/him! For more than 10 years, it is the only radio station in the Czech Republic oriented to modern rock. In addition to broadcasting the best rock music, listeners get also quality news service, traffic information, sports news, interviews, music concerts or music charts. And most importantly, the moderators love rock music and they know a lot about this music style.

Bonus station Czech Impuls brings its listeners memories of youth. The music on the air works like a magic time machine, which is transferred to them. Czech Impuls broadcasts at a frequency of 981 AM and respects wishes of listeners by the composition of its program – its calming and relaxing radio station.

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LONDA spol. s r. o.

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