AGF Food Logistics, a.s.

The company AGF Food Logistics, a.s., is a young member of the AGROFERT Group. The company was founded in 2013 and since than the company has established itself as a strong transportation company based on solid ground. It´s specialization is fresh (fresh and ultra-fresh) goods transportation. To be efficient, this logistics company uses its own distribution system that saves costs, optimizes transport routes and reduces the transportation time to minimum.

The core reason why to set up this company was to solve and optimize the distribution of the AGROFERT Group´s food products. For example, AGF Food Logistics provides transportation services of about 120,000 tons meat products and delicatessen. The quality of service is quaranteed by both transportation system and also by fleet renewal. This allows AGF Food Logistics to guarantee it´s customers returning of a receipts within 48 hours of their dispatch.

The company is managed from its headquarters in Kostelec, Czech Republic. It uses 8 cross-dock centres around the Czech Republic. Vehicle fleet consists has over 90 own vehicles and about 30 external (rented) vehicles. About 180 employees are working for the company.

Present on markets of:

  • Czech Republic


AGF Food Logistics, a.s.

Technics, technologies and transportation service
Kostelec 60, 588 61 Kostelec, Czech Republic
Company registration number: 24151114
Data box: awq47ih

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Phone: +420606772130