The company AGROPODNIK DOMAŽLICE a.s. operates not only in Domažlice region for 37 years. Founded as a joint venture, in 1992 it was transformed into a join stock company. Since 2012, it is part of the AGROFERT Group. The company currently employs 100 professionals.

Main activity is the operation of the fuel tax warehouse, which supplies fuel in Western Bohemia, allows the storage and fuel additive dosing or blending of biofuels (eg. SMN 30). The company has its own network of 4 gas stations and great advantage is also its connection to the fuel store via tap line. Fuels department, in addition, has its own transport capacity in the form of road tankers for fuel.

Another important activities of the company are services for farmers, as well as storage and trade in liquid and solid fertilizers. The company helps farmers in the region during harvest with silage and haylage materials, their transport and application of fertilizers. These all products are stored in 4 warehouses located strategically in the district Domažlice: Domažlice - 8000 tons, Mutěnín - 5000 tons, Koloveč and Semněvice - both with a capacity of 1200 tons. Liquid fertilizers are stored at Domažlice and Koloveč warehouses. Two of the largest warehouses for fertilizers are connected to its own railway siding. The agricultural segment also runs a loading dock of cement in Domažlice.

The third line of companys business is the production of housing materials and prefabricated elements. Two modern, digitally controlled concrete plants are runned in Domažlice and Horšovský Týn. The plant for production of prefabricated elements isbased in Domažlice. It exports its products t
hrough a company ATRO Beton s.r.o. to farmers abroad, primarily to Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Products are also known in Belarus and Russia.

AGROPODNIK DOMAŽLICE is also active in the logistics business.

AGROPODNIK DOMAŽLICE is certified by ISO 9001: 2008, GMP B4.1 and ISCC.



, AdBlue , Benzines , Diesel , Lubricants , SMN 30


, Application of liquid mineral fertilizers , Application of solid mineral fertilizers , Fretilizers warehousing , Transportation & manipulation

Present on markets of:

  • Czech Republic
  • Germany



Renewable resources and fuels
Masarykova 523, 344 01 Domažlice, Czech Republic
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