Agropodnik a.s. Trnava

Agropodnik a.s. Trnava is one of the companies belonging to the AGROFERT Group. The company provides comprehensive services to farmers – both plant and livestock production. Trading activities are based on the sale of fertilizers and related services. Thru the past years the business activities were extended to other segments such as sales of crop protection products (agricultural chemicals), purchase and sale of plant commodities (cereals and oilseeds), sales of oil and raw materials (soybean and rapeseed meal) and storing services (drying, cleaning, maintenance and storage of plant commodities), laboratory work (sampling and analysis of agricultural commodities). Currently, the company has warehouses for storage of agricultural commodities in the amount of approximately 360,000 tons throughout the western Slovakia.

Complex offer of goods and services to farmers significantly strengthens and enhances the position of Agropodnik a.s. Trnava in Trnava region and in adjacent regions. Great competitive advantage of this company is the fact that the prevailing volume of traded goods, especially fertilizers, chemicals and seeds, is purchased from sister companies within the AGROFERT Group, which creates conditions for very competitive and favorable business conditions when selling products to farmers.

Business slogan of Agropodnik a.s. Trnava is ´Together for success´. This claim expresses a fundamental business philosophy of the company, which is based on indivisibility and interdependence of its achievements and success of farms with which it cooperates. Therefore, the management strategy is to create long-term, forward-looking and mutually beneficial trade relations with trading partners.

The company Agropodnik a.s. Trnava is certified Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001: 2008, HACCP, GTP - participatory and ISSC.



, Pesticides , Special fertilizers


, Calcium fertilizers , Compound fertilizers , Foliar fertilizers , Foliar fertilizers , Lawn fertilizers , Magnesium fertilizers , Nitrogen fertilizers , Phosphate fertilizers , Potassium fertilizers , Special fertilizers , Sulfur fertilizers

Commodities of plant origin

, Grains , Oilseeds

Feedstuffs and feed components

, Complete feed mixture , Rapeseed groats , Soybean grouts


, Corn , Grains , Oilseeds


, Dressings , Fungicides , Herbicides , Insecticides , Other agrochemicals

Fuel, fuel oils

, Diesel


, Drying & celaning of agricultural commodities , Expert consulting , Fretilizers warehousing , Pesticides warehousing , Warehousing of agricultural commodities

Construction machinery


Agricultural machinery

, Combine harvester , Tractors , Trailers

Present on markets of:

  • Slovak Republic
  • Poland
  • Austria


Agropodnik a.s. Trnava

Chovateľská 2, 91701 Trnava, Slovakia
Company registration number: 31420494

Email address:
Phone: +421335446481