The company LIPRA PORK a.s. is specialized in pork meat production and breeding of pigs. Fattening centres of LIPRA PORK farms have undergone in recent years a costly reconstruction and modernization to meet the requirements of modern pig farming and animal welfare. The company is fattening only animals born and bred in the Czech Republic.
LIPRA PORK is breeding its own piglets in 4 breeding centers in villages Březina, Libichov, Libřice and Lipec. Number of these piglets is not sufficient to fully supply the needs of fattening centres, which is solved by buying piglets from the company Animo Zatec (also a member of the AGROFERT Group). Breeding is based on the Danish program/model called DanBred. DanBred genetics is currently considered one of the best in the world, both in terms of reproductive performance and in relation to the performance of final pigs.


Ing. Josef Lukaředitel společnosti
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