The carbon footprint of our workplace is steadily declining

23. 4. 2024

Every year, we reduce CO2 production in our bakeries and mills and make a significant contribution to the restoration of the environment. And how did we do it? Among others, we introduced new crate washers, installed LED lighting, refurbished boiler rooms and are also using waste heat.

Crate washers

When you walk into the shipping hall of our bakeries, you will see stacks of yellow and grey crates lined up. They are an integral part of any bakery workplace. They get filled with baked goods, delivered to their designated locations and then returned to the dispatch. But they have to be washed carefully before they can be used again. That is why every bakery has a crate washer. It washes more than 1,000 bakery goods crates a day, which means millions of pieces a year in the aggregate of all bakeries. This is a very demanding process, so we decided to gradually replace the old washing technology with more energy-efficient ones. Last year, we installed new crate washers in three plants. This year, we plan to install in three more and we will continue to do so.

SAVINGS - on average, a crate washer can save up to 12.44 tonnes of and COand 19,691 m³ of water per year.\

LED lighting

Did you know that unlike conventional light bulbs, LED bulbs generate almost no heat? As a result, most of the energy is converted into light and the bulb does not consume as much energy. In addition, it does not emit ultraviolet or infra-red radiation. Replacement of linear fluorescent lamps with LED lighting is being introduced in production and for outdoor lighting. The lighting replacement project will continue in the coming years.

SAVINGS - LED lighting introduced in 2023 can save up to 137.51 tonnes of CO per year.

Waste heat

Saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint can be achieved in various ways. One of them is the use of so-called waste heat. This is heat that is generated during technological processes and there is no use for it in this process. But we can use it in other ways. In our bakeries, we are introducing efficient use of waste heat, which heats both service and heating water. And in order to take full advantage of this system, we have embarked on a gradual modernisation of boiler rooms and heating systems. We have already renovated the boiler house in Liberec. It now sparkles with newly installed boilers, distributors and recuperators.

SAVINGS - the boiler plant in Liberec saves up to 407 tonnes of COper year on average.