SKW Piesteritz develops new fertiliser with recycled phosphorus

2. 7. 2024

Veolia and SKW Piesteritz have entered into a strategic partnership to recover phosphorus from sewage sludge and process it into marketable fertilisers. Through this cooperation, the companies want to contribute to resource conservation and accelerate the closure of regional nutrient cycles.

"We are very happy to take the next step towards defossilisation and sustainable transformation with Veolia Deutschland. Locally recycled phosphorus from sewage sludge will be used to develop a high-quality fertiliser. On the one hand, this will make us more independent of imports from other countries and, thanks to its regional nature, will save a lot of CO2." emphasises Antje Bittner, Sales Director and Member of the Board of SKW Piesteritz. "The fertilisers from SKW Piesteritz already have an unrivalled CO2 footprint by international standards, which we are working to reduce even further. This contributes to achieving climate protection goals in Germany and Europe and is ultimately an important contribution to food security."

"Protecting, conserving and preserving resources is a fundamental principle of our work at Veolia. By working with SKW Piesteritz, we can translate this requirement into concrete measures, i.e. close the raw material loop together. We can recycle the phosphorus that is present in large quantities in sewage sludge locally and make it available for fertiliser production," says Matthias Hoger, Managing Director of Veolia Sewage Sludge Recycling Deutschland GmbH.