Seed breeding in the Oseva Agri Chrudim

19. 6. 2024

Oseva Agri Chrudim a.s. from the Cerea subholding has been engaged in seed multiplication and production for many years, especially of basic cereals and legumes. Thanks to the fact that the individual crops and their varieties are mainly grown on their own land and the entire production from sowing through harvesting, cleaning, pickling and the whole process of recognition is under the control of agronomists and seed growers directly in the company, quality control over the entire process is guaranteed. 

Agriculture is changing, more and more emphasis is being placed on soil protection, there is an effort to grow crops that fix nitrogen themselves, there are growing demands for the cultivation of increasingly high-quality roughage.

In Oseva, the cultivation and propagation of grasses for seed, broad beans, pearl millet, flax, buckwheat, bindweed has gradually begun to expand, and other crops are planned. But there was an issue; there was no place to store or dry these crops. Not to mention cleaning and finishing. After consultation with the management of Cerea a.s., it was decided to build a seed storage hall. The new hall with a slatted floor, which is used for both air drying and storage of bulk and later produced seeds, was completed in 2023.

The next decision was to convert the so-called "old intake", with the age-old Petkus pre-cleaner, into a line with a modern cleaner, which will allow the cleaning, treatment and finishing of seeds of crops where this was not possible before. The entire line will be designed so that individual seeds can be finished in boxes, bags and sacks of various sizes. The plan is to gradually produce individual mixtures of these crops to meet the subsidy conditions.

The whole line is designed by Bednar, its basis is a three-set Petkus purifier.