Our machines help in local communities

22. 2. 2023

We pride ourselves on supporting the locations we do business in. The majority of our companies have had close ties with their regions for decades. Most of all, however, we can be relied on and know how to deliver fast help when the situation demands it

Far and wide, the machines used in agriculture are often the largest and most powerful of their kind. AGROFERT owns the largest fleet in the Czech Republic.

Our farmers are in close contact with representatives of their communities, and anytime the need arises, they head out to lend a helping hand. Our vehicles clear roads covered in snow or mud, remove obstacles and haul debris. We also keep drainage ditches clear, mulch public green spaces, and help in places that are difficult to maintain and poorly accessible with municipal machinery.

. We care about the prosperity and development of the places where we work, and that begins with our factories and their immediate surroundings. But it's also about the seemingly little things, like collecting and sorting waste and taking care of the local vegetation and greenery.