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Chemical industry at AGROFERT Group

The AGROFERT Group is the second most important corporation of the Czech chemical industry and the largest producer of nitrogen fertilizers in Europe.

The chemical industry is an important branch of business of the AGROFERT Group. Thanks to the daily work of 9000 employees, our chemical companies are leading European manufacturers in the areas of specialty chemicals, fertilizers, agrochemicals or plastic. Besides Europe, we operate on other 3 continents, in 15 countries in total. Production is from its 75% exported.

Key customers of the AGROFERT Group chemical companies are corporations from agriculture and food industries, manufacturers of paints and inks, processors of dyes and pigments for the textile and automotive industries, pharmaceutical concerns, armament companies, cosmetic producers and companies involved in the construction and automotive industries.

By our chemical production, we strongly emphasize research and development. In our research institutes we focus on innovation and development of new products, development of existing product lines and service for external customers.