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At the AGROFERT Group we care about our reputation and about quality of work of both our companies and employees. We are aware that compliance with law and with quality standards enables us to be a market leader in our business areas. Self-evaluation is for us not an empty concept. We are very critical about ourselves and we systematically focus on continuous improvement. We appreciate the acknowledgment of our quality by independent third parties, presented by a number of Czech and foreign awards and certificates.

We are regularly subjected to checks and audits by public control offices: Financial Administration of the Czech Republic, State Veterinary Administration, State Labor Inspection Office and so on. Our enterprise is well ranked thanks to our commitment to respect all applicable Czech legislation as well as the Ethics Code. We know nobody is flawless. Occasionally, there might be situation where the AGROFERT Group or its employees fail. But we face such cases and we try to rectify the situation. We are not ashamed to apologize, because it is fair and polite. To eliminate such situations as mentioned above, we use auditors, who are able to detect possible risks and who also suggest ways to minimize risks.

The controlling company Agrofert, a.s., is certified and evaluated according to the following international standards:

- CSN EN ISO 9001: 2009 in the field of Purchase, storage and sale of agricultural crops, cereals, oilseeds, pulses and fodder
- GTP (Good Trading Practice according to the principles of Codex Alimentarius, Coceral, www.coceral.com)
- B.3 GMP + (Good Manufacturing Practice) for feed trading (Trade, Collection and Storage & Transhipment), www.gmpplus.org/en
- ISCC (International Sustainability et Carbon Certification), biomass and biofuels certification, approved by German authorities BLE (Federal Office for Agriculture and Food), www.iscc-system.org
- FCRP (Fraud and Corruption Resistance Profile - evaluation of the resistance profile of the company towards fraud and corruption), www.dnv.cz

GTP certificate is implemented in agricultural companies, where we hold capital participation, as well as in sales departments of AGROFERT, a.s., since 2004. The purchase, storage and sale of agricultural commodities are systematically united with an emphasis on the medical harmlesness of production, underlined by certifications of the AGROFERT Group for food-processing industry.

Quality management systems are organizationally and professionally structured and interconnected through a documentation system.

Certifications of the company AGROFERT, a.s., are supported and linked with certifications in other companies, where we have capital participation. We are speaking about certifications like:

- CSN EN ISO 9001: 2009
- GMP + International (GMP+B2, GMP+B3, GMP+B4.1)
- CSN EN ISO 14001, CSN EN ISO 18001 (OHSAS), C-o-C, etc.

Did you know that ...
... in 2012 became the company AGROFERT, a.s., world's first private company to receive a certificate of anti-corruption resistance Fraud Corruption Resistance Profile? Auditors of Det Norske Veritas examined, among other things, strength and stability of the internal structure of our company. The test results demonstrate the health structure of the company AGROFERT, a.s. No significant problem was found.

Contact to Quality Managers at AGROFERT, a.s.:

Martin Harák
e-mail.: martin.harak@agrofert.cz

Certificates for download

certificate_gmp_2023_-_2026.pdf – PDF, 59 KB certificate_iso_9001_-_2016_2021_-_2024.pdf – PDF, 564 KB certifikat_gmp_2023_-_2026.pdf – PDF, 63 KB odolnost_vuci_korupci_dnv_2012_2012_cj.pdf – PDF, 699 KB odolnost_vuci_korupci_dnv_2012_aj.pdf – PDF, 677 KB politika_compliance_v_koncernu_agrofert.pdf – PDF, 432 KB politika_kvality_spolecnosti_agrofert_a.s.pdf – PDF, 1012 KB