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LAND TECHNICS, TECHNOLOGY AND TRANSPORTATION: We freight goods in, we get goods there, we transport goods

Although it´s not obvious on first sight, our business wouldn´t be possible without logistics and transportation services. Especially agriculture and food-processing industry are dependent on functioning machines, land technics and just-in-time transportation of feed, commodities and fresh-goods production as well. Over 700 employees in AGROFERT Group are responsible for running smooth transportation chain. Each year, we welcome also 60 students as interns and trainees. At AGROFERT Group they can gain real business experience.


Czech agriculture, primary production industry and forestry require experienced professionals who can take care of the landscape of the Czech Republic. It is no different at the AGROFERT Group. We respect deeply work attitude of more than 2,600 agriculture, primary production and forestry employees at AGROFERT Group. Year after year we strive to show beauty of agriculture, forestry and primary production to students and graduates. Therefore, we actively cooperate with high schools and universities. Just in years 2012 and 2013 we received 435 interns and trainees.


Food-processing companies of the AGROFERT Group operate mainly in regions of the Czech and Slovak Republic. These companies invested between years 2012 and 2013 more than 15 million CZK in people and region development. At the same time, our food-processing companies cooperate with Food banks, which received aid in the form of durable products - milk, bakery and meat products. These products were distributed between humanitarian, charitable and social organizations. By lack of food are in fact mostly afflicted people in senior age, single parents, unemployed people and large families. Food products made in AGROFERT Group should better their life situation.

CHEMICAL INDUSTRY: We quench not only fire, but also floods

A team of professional fire brigade is present at each chemical plant of the AGROFETR Group. Such fire brigade provides technical assistance to our colleagues, assistance in work procedures with fire and flammables or fire brigade helps also by disposal of hazardous substances. Fire fighters of AGROFERT Group are also part of the Integrated Rescue System and they help the general public in fighting fires, floods, but also in tactical exercises and training youth. Their work is priceless. Fire fighters of AGROFERT Group organize also lot of events for the local communities.