It is normal helping others

At the AGROFERT Group we do our best to be successful, but we always think about others with whom we are happy to share our success. We evolve activities for endangered social groups, for communities in regions where we enterprise, but also for our own employees or for general public. With all of the we´d like to share the joy of life, for example during sport events.

Main activities in the field of philanthropy carries AGROFERT Foundation, which thanks to its projects and activities helps wherever it is possible. We know we cannot save the world, but we try helping single parents who find themselves in a difficult social situation and who are actively trying to get out of it. We manage AGROFERT Foundation Sport Centres at grammar schools in the Czech Republic, so children from families with lower incomes could do sport for minimum cost. We regularly contribute to Food banks in order to help people at risk of food shortages, including in particular elderly people and larger families. Our employees also help through regular collection of gifts for children in orphanages.

Very important is the support provided by our companies directly to regions and communities wherever they enterprise. Whether it is firefighters´ work with youth, organizing of cultural events or help with clearing the snow with our machinery – in all these tasks we want to be an active member of society and improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of the Czech Republic. Our help is selfless. Indeed, we are happy to be good neighbors.