For more than 28 years of its existence, the AGROFERT group has established itself as one of the leading Czech companies in branches like chemistry, food processing  industry, agriculture, ground machinery and technology, transport, forestry and wood processing, renewable energy sources and media.

The AGROFERT group is nowadays an important international group of more than 250 companies. Most of them are directly owned by controlling company AGROFERT, a.s., minority of the group members consists of companies in which the controlling company has substantial effect.

Management philosophy of AGROFERT group is to create and permanently improve verticals among companies of the group. Such practice enables us to make the best account of synergies in the companies´ management, in their production and in the central purchasing. As a part of our permanent development of AGROFERT group we focus not only on acquisitions of companies fitting into the concept of building an integrated agro-food complex in Central Europe, but we also focus on building new production capacities. As a result, AGROFERT group is now present in 18 countries on 4 continents.

In addition to business success and stable enterprise AGROFERT group pays paramount attention also to environmental issues, social impact of companies´ business and also to safety issues - both workers and all stakeholders’ safety issues. This is all managed through quality management systems, environmental management systems, sophisticated policies and organization of regular health and safety training, as well as through regular auditing. There AGROFERT group permanently invests in greening of its´ operations, into modernization and more environment-friendly technologies. As a result, the AGROFERT group is holder of several certificates, which document management philosophy mentioned above.

AGROFERT group pays particular attention to its´ employees. Their work is essential for AGROFERT group success. We offer to employees system of structured and regular training that not only develops their skills, but also helps to protect their health and life. A variety of benefits is also offered to employees. We treat fairly and equitably every individual. We are trying to build this relationship vice versa and therefore employees are obliged to abide by the Ethics Code. If there should be any doubts about ethical behavior of any component of AGROFERT group, employees should contact ethic line Tell Us.
We keep in mind that our activities are not affecting just companies of AGROFERT group, but that our enterprise significantly affects regions and communities in areas where we run our business. Above all, we are a Czech company which aims long-term prosperity of Czech citizens and the entire country. Not only now but also in future. Therefore, we are always interested in what is happening around. AGROFERT group wants to be a good partner to local governments, to public associations, to social communities as well as to schools. We consider our own success as a commitment to help those who are in difficult life situation. We support people in need through the AGROFERT Foundation.


AGROFERT group milestones

25 January 1993    Agrofert, spol. s.r.o., was set up with 4 employees

1994    transformation into stock company and extension of business activities by trading with agricultural commodities and agrochemicals

1995    start of investment into the Czech distribution network; acquisitions of companies like Agricultural Supply and Purchase or companies like Agrochemical Company

1996    AGROFERT enters Czech chemical industry; acquisition of PRECHEZA, joint-venture DUSLO Šal'a (SK)

1997    Chemagra, company specialized on trading with pesticides, was set up; on 20 May 1997 was AGROFERT HOLDING, a.s., set up; acquisition of Lovochemie during the year

1998     company AGFTRADING broadens its´ activities also to commodities trading

1999    first merger within the AGROFERT group made by consolidation of Chemagra and AGFTRADING; expansion to fuels trading; acquisitions of the company DEZA

2000    entry to the food-processing industry; acquisitions of companies Maso Plana, MASNA Studena and ADEX

2002    acquisition of the company SKW Piesteritz (DE)

2004    as of 1 September 2004 merger of companies AGROFERT HOLDING, a.s., with AGFTRADING, a.s.; entry to the mill-bakery industry: PENAM

2005    merger of companies AGROFERT HOLDING, a.s., with AGROFERT a.s. and AGROPROFIT a.s.; acquisition of the company Kostelecke uzeniny

2006    entry to the Czech market of agricultural machinery; acquisition of company Hyza (SK, poultry); company Profrost (CZ, frozen bread) has been set up; acquisition of the Chinese chemical plant PRECHEZA Titanium Dioxide

2007    entry to the segment of agricultural production; entry to the market of seed production and sale: OSEVA

2008     entry to the dairy industry: OLMA (CZ); acquisition of the company Sarisske pekarne a cukrarne (SK, bakery)

2009    acquisition of agriricultural and food-processing company AGROPOL Group (incl. company Vodnanska drubez); entry to the Hungarian market: Devecser; acquisition of GreenChem - the Dutch distributor of AdBlue

2010    expansion activities in Hungary entering the bakery market through the acquisition of company Ceres (HU); the acquisition of two meat-processing companies Masozavod Krahulci and Kmotr (both CZ)

2011    entry to the sectors of forestry, timber harvesting and wood processing

2012    entry to the media industry: company AGF Media has been established; acquisition of particular part of the company IKR (HU)

2013    acquisition of companies Lieken (DE, bakery), Ecopress (SK, media) and Mafra (CZ, media)

2014    acquisition of companies Londa (CZ, media) and NT Group (HU, oils); acquisition of majority interest in company Ceska vejce CZ (CZ, egg production)

2015    acquisition of companies Acomware, AdInternetm AGROFIN Svitavy, Kladrubská

2016    acquisition of companies ZEMSPOL, spol. s.r.o., AGRODRUŹSTVO Kačice, AGROPARKL spol. s.r.o., Lužanská zemědělská a.s., CENTROPROJEKT GROUP a.s., PEZA a.s. (SK)

2017    acquisition of companies Petrochemia Blachownia, Ticket Portal, Polnoslužby Bebrava, PD Krupá a Truhlářství Straka

2018    Bauer Media Group through subsidiaries Mafra Print, a.s. a Mafra Slovakia Print, s.r.o.

2019    acquisition of United Bakeries