The company ČESKÁ VEJCE CZ was founded in 1999 by several of the largest egg producers in the Czech Republic. Its main task was and is to provide central sales of most products from egg manufacturers who are also the sole shareholders (including the processing plant in Velke Pavlovice).

Establishing trading company was a respond of egg manufacturers to market development. At a time when our market entrenched individual foreign and domestic retail chains, it was needed to create an entity that would be adequate partner in the negotiation of trade cooperation. It was needed to set up an entity with a unified trade policy, with adequate production facilities, with years of experience in the production, processing and distribution of fresh eggs – this entity was named ČESKÁ VEJCE CZ.

Shareholders of the company are manufacturers from all around the Czech Republic, which means, that if necessary, production facilities are able to supply customers in all parts of the country. Currently, the majority of customers has its own distribution centers, but the stratification of our farms has increasingly greater importance in the emerging medical situation - increasing the risk of infection breeds and thus increasing risk of a disruption in supplies from the disease affected regions.


Commodities of animal origin

, Egg production

Present on markets of:

  • Czech Republic



Food processing
č.p. 214, 257 64 Zdislavice, Czech Republic
Company registration number: 25920901

Email address: ceskavejce@ceskavejce.cz
Webpage: www.ceskavejce.cz